Langchain AI chat app with no-code

Free crash course for non-techies to learn the fundamentals of building a Langchain AI app with zero code needed!


Chat with PDFs or Websites App

After following this guide, you would be able to achieve these key functionalities in your own app

  • Add PDF documents into knowledge base

  • Scrape websites and add into knowledge base

  • Ask and retrieve information from knowledge base

  • AI generated responses based on knowledge base with Open AI

Note: We won't be covering how to build your entire front-end in details. You may purchase this Flutterflow template to speed up your learning process! It is definitely optional! You can finish the course and achieve the outcome without it - I promise!

Course Overview

1. Vector database and OpenAI setup

~ 10 Minutes

Let's first set up supabase vector database, OpenAI embedding and generate necessary API keys for next steps.

2. Host FlowiseAI and setup chatflows

~ 15 Minutes

We will first cover how to easily host FlowiseAI so we can utilise the power of Langchain for our chatbot without writing any code.Then, we will walkthrough how to setup chatflows and get API endpoints which will be called from Flutterflow.

3. Flutterflow API and frontend setup

~ 20 Minutes

This is where our Flowise chatflows are going to work together with our Flutterflow front-end , woohoooo!

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